A Personal Note From Sarah Jane

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I am engaged!!! Talk about fulfilling the true meaning of the word Serendipity, my fiancé and I actually met at my store. He was in town visiting his parents, and his mother’s birthday just happened to be the week he was in town. Therefore, he needed a birthday gift, and his mother’s favorite store is Serendipity, so naturally he came in to get her a gift. We hit it off, and later that week he came back in to ask me on a date and the rest is history. A year later he asked me to marry him, and I said, “Yes.”

I feel so blessed to be with such an amazing man of honor and integrity. He is truly an answered prayer. I hope each one of you has the opportunity to meet him at some point. This is such an exciting time in my life, and I just had to share it with the people that have meant so much to me over the past few years. Since I have opened Serendipity, you have supported me and encouraged me tremendously. I love and appreciate each one of you for your overwhelming response and support of Serendipity.

I assure you that as things may be changing in my personal life, nothing will be changing at Serendipity. As long as you, our valued customer, keep supporting us, we will remain. My mother, Karen, is going to be stepping up at helping me more at the store. I have several great sales associates that will be here to assist you. And as always, I will be here too. Thanks for your support, and please continue to support Serendipity, so we can continue to provide you with amazing styles and the latest brands for your wardrobe.

Warm Wishes,
Sarah Jane Walls


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