NEW Clothing lines to hit Serendipity!!!

We are so excited for this holiday season. We have many new brands to hit the selling floor this season. Two new ones that arrived this week are Whish and Judith March. Both are fun, flirty, and feminine. Meet the designer of Judith March in the following link.

We also have a new line of denim coming called KUT. It is a premium denim that retails for less that $100!!! Also, we have a line coming that I discovered while I was in Hawaii recently, and personally can’t get enough of it, and I know you will love it too. The price point is amazing, and the detail in the clothes are awesome. We will keep you posted as to when those arrive.

We have great new fashion scarves in the store for less than $30. We have market totes, journals, wallets, handbags, and clutches all at affordable prices. We have a new ornament line coming that when I discovered it for the first time, I bought one for my mom, aunts, cousins, friends – everyone. They are beautiful, and I know you will think so too.

Come shopping and check out our new lines!!! We are receiving shipments daily! We have AFFORDABLE prices, and fun fresh clothes for this season. Come see.


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