New Shipments Arrive at Serendipity….

…just in time for Christmas! Come shop at Serendipity this weekend!!! We just received new scarves, jewelry, sweaters, and dresses. They are fun and affordable, and make great gifts!!!

As always, thank you for being our loyal customers. We really appreciate you!

Merry Christmas!


Shhhh it’s a secret SALE!!!!

The word is out that there is a Secret Sale this weekend, December 10th and 11th, at Serendipity!!! It’s the luck of the draw, but everyone will save with this SALE. Each customer will have the chance to draw a discount card when they come into the store. The discounts can be from 10% – 50% off. This is one sale you won’t want to miss. Don’t take a chance on the weather, but instead, beat the next arctic blast coming the beginning of next week. Shop this weekend and get all your shopping done, and SAVE BIG!!!!!!