Create a Valentine Wish List and SAVE!!!

This year get something besides chocolates, flowers, and cards. Get something that will last longer than flowers and will not add unwanted weight like chocolates. Serendipity has the perfect plan for you to get what you want and SAVE.

Now is the perfect time to add new spring styles to your wardrobe. Here is how Serendipity can help. Simply come in this week and let our friendly staff help you create a Valentine’s Day wish list. We will keep the styles and sizes you like on file. Simply tell your husband, mom, sister, and friends that there are some fun and affordable styles you like at Serendipity. All they have to do is come in mention your name, we will show them the styles on your wish list and let them choose. They will receive 20% off each item they purchase from your wish list. No coupon is necessary, they simply need to buy from the wish list you create. The best part is you get what you want and they SAVE 20% by buying from items on your wish list.

Let us help you. We will take the guess work out of gift giving for you and your honey. Come see us this week.