It’s Almost Rhythm and Roots Time

I am so excited that fall is just around the corner.  You know what that means – boots, scarves, leggings, and don’t forget Rhythm and Roots.  It’s hard to remember a time in Bristol without Rhythm and Roots.  What better way to kick off fall, than to celebrate our Bristol heritage that is deeply rooted country music.  Needless to say, Serendipity is gearing up.  We have tons of fall merchandise already in the store, and we have GREAT Rhythm and Roots outfits.  Come see us soon!
Check out our Facebook page here for new arrivals. 

 This was our window last year.  We won the “Peoples Choice” award in the Rockin Stroll Window Contest.  Stay tuned…we will post pictures of this year’s window soon. 
We have these great styles of boots in the store right now.  Come get yours to wear to Rhythm and Roots.  The styles and colors above are priced from $41-$44.