Bundled Up

With the first chance of snow in the forecast and temperatures barely making it out of the 30’s today, it’s safe to say that scarf season has finally arrived. Scarves aren’t just a way to keep us warm; they can be just the right accessory to take an outfit from drab to fab in an instant.

Not only do we have some great scarves this season, our gloves are perfect for all you ladies who are on the go and need to use your phone for work or school when you’re walking from place to place. With the finger-touch glove feature, you can use your phone without having to take off your gloves. How convenient is that?!

Come check out our selection today as the snow starts falling!

Sparkly Pattern Set
Scarf – $48
Gloves – $32
Hat – $32

Rainbow Infinity Scarf – $38

Black and Cream Scarf – $68
Black Bow Gloves – $42

Solid Cashmere Scarves – $58

Red/Purple Patterned Infinity Scarf – $48

Long Textured Gloves with Texting Fingers – $35
Textured Infinity Scarves – $48

Solid Gloves with Finger-Touch Feature – $32

Happy shopping, ladies!
The Serendipity Girls

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