When you’re looking for a great pair of shoes, it’s sometimes hard to decide whether you should go for all style and sacrifice the comfort. 
That perfect pair of heels or boots that might be a little on the uncomfortable side can make their way home with you, but end up leaving you in pain after wearing them for a few short hours.
Luckily, TOMS offers a huge selection of different styles, shapes and patterns that keep you looking stylish while making sure your feet are always at ease.
Not only are TOMS comfortable, stylish and affordable, they have a special meaning behind every pair purchased. Every time a pair of TOMS is sold, a pair of shoes is donated to someone in need who might not even own a pair of shoes.
Purchasing TOMS isn’t just a great investment for you, it’s a great way to pay it forward!
Nepal Boots  ::  $114
Zebra Print Classics & Navy Stars Classics  ::  $54
Leopard Print Flats  ::  $84
Black Camilla Flats  ::  $89
Multi-Color Nepal Classics  ::  $54
Black and Multi-Glitter Classics  ::  $54
Suede Desert Wedges  ::  $89
The Desert Wedges are favorite with us Serendipity girls. We all have a pair (or two)!

Stop in this week to find your perfect fit!

(all images in this post courtesy of TOMS)

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