Custom Styles

To say that it’s cold outside right now is a complete understatement! With temperatures barely making it out of the teens the past two days, we hope you’re all staying warm inside and adjusting well to life post-holidays.
While we’re trying our best to stay warm this week, spring merchandise is flying in our doors, giving us hope for the warmer days to come! 
We’ve told you about one of our favorite and most popular brands, Escapada, before, but today we want to give you a little inside scoop on just how great this brand is. As new seasons approach, Escapada sends us their latest colors, patterns and styles, giving us the option of choosing exactly what pieces we want to have in stores. 
Not only are the latest options available, but previous seasons patterns and styles are kept open to allow new merchandise to be even more custom and unique. With Escapada’s flexibility, Sarah can custom order pieces that our customers have loved in the past, but in a new color or pattern.
Our shipments of Escapada come in frequently, and the new spring colors and patterns are beautiful, as usual. From the soft and forgiving fabrics to the uniqueness of each piece, Escapada will have you ready for any vacation come summertime!

Long Talia Dress  ::  $95

Susan Top  ::  72.50
Kendall Top  ::  $74
Kathy Top  ::  $74

Long Gabriella Dress  ::  $97.50
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Stay warm!

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