Stylish Clothes, Mom Approved

Wake-up, get the kids to school, go to work, go home, cook dinner, do house chores, go to sleep, repeat.
Does this sound familiar to any of you? More than likely, yes.
Working moms everywhere have this routine that they live by day after day. While conquering all that is to be done, most women also need to look presentable for work, a PTA meeting or any other “mom” activities that might be on the agenda.
Jude Connally, a fashion veteran, created this brand just for that reason. Made with the same kind of performance fabric that many workout clothes are made from, Jude Connally provides the comfort of wearing your gym clothes without actually wearing them.
From the bright colors, to the unique patterns and soft fabrics, you can’t go wrong with Jude Connally.
Ruthie Paisley Top  ::  $168
Ruthie Patterned Top  ::  $168
Boatneck Top  ::  $138
Trixie Pant  ::  $158

Boatneck Top  ::  $138
Trixie Pant  ::  $158
Holly Stripe Dress  ::  $178

“Style has less to do with what you wear and more to do with who you are.” – Jude Connally

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