We Can’t Live Without…

It’s no secret that we’re all fashion lovers at Serendipity (hence, the working at a women’s boutique!), but that isn’t the only thing we’re into around here.

Just like most women, we like to look and feel our best, so today we’ve decided to switch things up and do a fun post on some of our beauty favorites here at Serendipity.
We’ve rounded up all the girls and got a list of all of our go-to beauty products. Check them out!

•        •        •

Owner, Serendipity

“My hair straightener. I have naturally curly hair, but prefer my hair straight.”

“Lipstick. I feel naked without it!”


“Lip gloss. I always have it with me.”

“Kenra Mousse. It’s the only thing that tames this crazy mane of mine!”


“Mascara, for sure!”

“My flat iron for my hair.”


“Mascara. I wear it even when I don’t wear anything else.”

•        •        •

We hope you enjoyed our special post today!

Don’t forget to come see us this weekend and shop all of our new spring arrivals! We have so many great dresses for all of your upcoming special occasions.

Have a great weekend!


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