Want to know what dress style fits your body type?

Dresses come in all shapes, styles, and patterns. We, as women, like choices but, if you are like me, sometimes all of those choices begin to become overwhelming when it comes to picking the right dress for my body style. Often I get into the fitting room with styles that are not right for me, and leave feeling frustrated. By following a few simple steps when you are picking dresses out, you will find there is a way to take the right dresses into the fitting room, so you will have the best options suitable for you and your body type.
1.)  Know your body type.  Curvy, pear shaped, apple shape, hour glass, straight…. there are so many body types out there.  It is important to analyze you body style and make sure you are taking styles in the fitting room that you know are best for your particular body style.  (Stay tuned for next week’s blog for the specifics on each body type and what is best for each)
2.)  Pick colors that work with your skin tone and hair color.  This is a must.  As much as I would LOVE to be able to wear citron (yellowish/green), I cannot wear this color.  I have resolved to not take it into the fitting room because it just brings disappointment.
3.)  Pattern is so specific to a person’s personal taste.  Don’t take patterns in the fitting room that you don’t LOVE.  If you are going to wear it, you need to really love the pattern.
Hope these three simple steps will help you choose the best dress options for you to take into the fitting room.  As mentioned above, I will elaborate more on body type and styles that are best for each in our next blog.
Sarah Jane

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