Serendipity: Easter Dresses

It’s hard to believe that Easter is only 10 days away!
With that in mind, we want to give you a little recap of some of the dresses that we have in the stores right now that would be perfect for this special day.
We have several beautiful dresses available right now. Whether your looking for a more neutral dress, or something with a bold pattern, we’ve got you covered!
Window Printed Dress :: $59.50

Lace Sheath Dress :: $174
Funky Pastel Waves Dress :: $144
Neoma Dress :: $59.50
Necklace :: $25
If it’s cool on Easter morning, or you just like to cover up a bit more, we have several lightweight, spring cardigans and jacket in the stores right now, as well.
Stop in this weekend and we’ll get you styled for Easter Sunday!


Floral Love

Pastels, embellishments, metallics…these are just a few of the trends that we’re seeing this season.
We’re fans of all of these trends at Serendipity, but one of our favorite trends for the warmer months is florals. When you think of spring, flowers immediately come to mind, and that’s no different when it comes to your wardrobe.
We have the floral trend covered with a large assortment of tops, skirts and dresses, as well as lightweight spring scarves that can add just the right amount of pop to any outfit.
Whether it’s a look of head-to-toe florals, or a simple floral embellishment, we’ve got this trend covered for spring and summer!

Stop in today and let us get you styled for spring!

The Essentials

Spring has officially sprung! The time has finally arrived, where we can switch out the heavy coats and thick sweaters for our breezy dresses and lightweight tops.
At Serendipity and Be. Ella, we’ve got you covered for all of your spring essentials, but there are some things that we all need to make it throughout all of the different seasons.
With a little help from one of our favorite bloggers, The Curvy Fashionista, we’ve put together a list of five essential things that every woman needs in her closet.
•        •        •

5 Essential Closet Pieces
1. A great fitting bra.
2. The perfect pair of denim.
3. LBD (little bold dress).
4. A suit.
5. A white blouse.

•        •        •

Stop into Serendipity and Be. Ella and let us help you build your wardrobe with the essentials and some great pieces for the warmer months!
Have a great week!

Spring & Summer TOMS

As we’re gearing up for spring at Serendipity, our new styles of TOMS are making us even more excited for warm weather, bright colors and sunshine.
Here’s a little peek at some of the newest styles…
B&W Embroidered Flats :: $84
Taupe/Cobalt/Pink Moroccan Cutout Flats :: $89

Taupe Suede Platform Wedge :: $69

Mixed Correa Sandals :: $59
B&W Women Sandals :: $59
Chambray Correa Sandals :: $59

Black Jutti Flats :: $89
Algiers Blue Jutti Flats :: $89

Black Mixed Rope Strappy Sandal :: $69

Denim Embroidered Classics :: $54
Pink Space-Dyed Classics :: $54
Black Space-Dyed Classics :: $54
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Accessory Roundup

It’s hard to believe that today is the first day of March! Spring will be here before you know it, which means you can finally break out these bright colors and fun spring patterns.
Not only do we have fabulous dresses, tops and pants for the warmer weather, all of our new accessories are a guaranteed way of taking any outfit up a notch. Statement jewelry is still a huge trend, along with fun colored bags and stacked bracelets.
Here’s a glimpse at all of our new accessories…


Statement Earrings

Stop in this weekend and we’ll get you ready for warmer days!

Closet Revamp

With spring heading our way in just over a month, spring cleaning is at the top of our to-do list. Not only do the typical house chores fit in this category, but your closet could probably use a little attention, too. 
Cleaning out your closet can be stressful, leaving most of us with the question, “where do I even start?!” So, we’ve put together five tips to make this a bit easier for you.
Start with your favorites. 
Pull those aside. Your favorites being those go-to pieces in your wardrobe that you wear often. When you’re done with the cleaning, keep these pieces hanging in a section together so they are readily available to you when you’re picking out an outfit.
Make piles.
Make four different piles – keep, throw away, donate, mend – to keep yourself organized when you get the process going. This is the easiest way to tackle the clutter. Having big boxes or bags to put each category in can be helpful, too.
If you haven’t worn it in a year, it needs to go.
Parting with things can sometimes be hard, but if it’s just been hanging there since last year, you probably don’t need it anymore. A good way to keep tabs on this is by starting a ribbon system. Tie a ribbon in a bow on your hangers. If the ribbon is still tied in a bow at the end of the season, toss it in the throw away or donate pile. 
Re-stock the basics.
 Your basics are the things you always need. Tees, tanks, jeans, bras and whatever else that you keep on repeat, can get a lot of wear and tear. Re-stock these items when the fabric is thinning or you see a hole.
Whether it be by color or styles, keeping your closet in a certain order can help you tremendously when getting dressed or when you have a specific item in mind.
We hope these tips help you out in your wardrobe revamp. Good luck!