From the Owner

Sarah HeadshotSarah Jane Hull, Owner of Serendipity Boutique and Be. Ella Boutique, garnered her educational credits from Virginia Tech with dual degrees in Fashion Design and Merchandising Management.

Sarah founded her first store with the goal of creating a shopping experience that would allow every woman to realize her inner beauty. “Confidence is believing in your own beauty. A woman who believes in her own personal style and feels good about herself exudes a confidence that is contagious.”

Sarah is on a mission to spread that contagious confidence one outfit at a time.

Timeline of Events:

  • November 2007 – first Serendipity Boutique opens in Bristol, VA
  • July 2010 – second Serendipity Boutique opens in Johnson City, TN
  • March 2014 – Be. Ella Boutique opens in Bristol, VA (a boutique dedicated solely to the curvy woman)
  • July 2015 – Serendipity Boutique and Be. Ella Boutique launch online stores

Webster’s Dictionary tells you that “serendipity” means “a pleasant surprise” or “fortunate discovery”, but for Sarah Jane, Serendipity means experiencing what she calls “a God thing – His perfect provision and plan.”  Everything she has experienced with business from choosing to open the doors, to finding the right location, to the people she has met along the way, can all me summed up by the phrase “experience serendipity.”



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